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¿What is Expand Solutions?

We were stablished in 2016 under the name Primum as a consulting company. We evolved and became Expand Solutions, a name that better reflects our mission.


Our purpose as an organization is to help support the employee expansion need of our customers through resource augmentation.

Expand Solutions becomes an extension of the client.

Resource Augmentation

¿What is Resource Augmentation?

Resource Augmentation is a flexible outsourcing strategy that enables you to hire talent without having to lose focus in your main business.  Expand Solutions hires, trains and supervises the talent based on your specific needs and demands. There is a skilled dedicated recruitment team that recruits on the market, and you are the one to choose, or allow Expand Solutions to choose according to a specific profile.

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Expand Solutions (ES)

  • ES recruits and hires agents with client profile. For the time needed by the client.

  • Agents are in ES Payroll.

  • An ES Team leads and administrates the agents, offering the services required by the client.

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  • Client hires ES to offer a service to internal or external clients. Indicate number of agents needed and for what time.

  • Keeps focus on main business and service, does not have to worry on recruiting, hiring or administrating personnel.

  • When service is over,  avoid social charges and personnel problems.

Advantages of the model

Advantages of Resource Augmentation

Flexible Scaling 

Resource augmentation allows you to grow your team much more quickly than you might be able to by hiring directly, with the bonus of not being locked into a long-term employment contract with a direct employee.

You Call The Shots

You  are directly managing the agents who are adhering to your process, so you have full control over the procedures and ultimately the outcome.

Lower Costs 

Especially if you hire outside of the US, the cost of resource augmentation is generally far lower than hiring directly, especially when accounting for taxes and other costs associated with direct hires. Hiring from a country like Costa Rica, which tends to follow US standards for quality and has very talented employees, can be a great way to keep costs low and quality high.

Why Costa Rica

Why Costa Rica?

Talent is our greatest resource. Costa Rica attracts businesses who know the importance of shared growth, achieved by world-class education, process sophistication, converging technologies, multi-sector collaboration and innovation. You can have a high quality service reducing costs significantly.

Los graduados


- Skills of current and future workforce 
- TOEIC and TOEFL Test 
- Human capital, workforce skills and quality of education
- Country for innovation outputs 

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While a Call Center Agent may cost in the US an average $35,000 per year, from Costa Rica you can have equal or better quality, paying 30% less

How we operate

How We Operate

We make sure to have the right number of agents per Team Manager to guarantee quality in the service. All employee calls and services are monitored by a quality manager, allowing to have constant feedback.

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